Tulaai Leitung Thuthang Tuamtuam Updates October 29, 2015

·      US gam te The Speaker of The House John Boehner in sem nuamnawnlo ngiau ahihman in ataangding khat kiteelkhia a, Paul Ryan kiteelkhia a October 29,2015 ni in kipsakna leh panmun saanna kinei sakta hi. Paul Ryan peen 2012 kum Vice President ngahdektak a, political science tawh sangman Wisconsin State Congressman hi in RC pawlpi ahihi.VOA

·      US gam Florida state Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood vanleeng tual ah October 29,2015 ni in Vanleeng 767 khat leengding a ataai laitak meikang a, Manlang tak in kihonman ahihman in asi omlo in mi 15 liam uhhi.CNN

·      Sen gam ten abeisa 1980 kumpan azat uh Nupa khat in ta khat vaal neitheilo ding cih thukhun peen ngaihsun phapha uha, Mimal tawmtektek cihthu mukhia uh ahihman in Nupa khat ciang ta 2 ta neitheiding in October 29,2015 nin thukimna nei uhhi. BBC

·      Nepal gam te in amasa peen Numei Brandari  kum 54 atamzaw thukimna tawh October 28,2015 ni   in thukimna nei uhhi. Amah peen  Numei ahihhang Defense Minster  asem giap hia, gaalkaap vaai simsim khat hi. S Korea, Thai, Nepal cihte in Numei kumpi neita uha, tun kawlgam bang onghito leh Numei ten Asia lam ong ukpianpian ta ding hi.VOA


Thang Khawm Pauzomi 



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