ISIL te 20,000 tuciangciang si misi

U.S. in a beisa ah ISIS te vanlam pan campaign a bawlna uh tuni ciang misiluang pen 20.000 pha ta hi cih Pentagon pan kiza hi.

Hih misi pen August 2014 pan a kipan hiin misi pen 20,000 pan 30,000 peuhmah hikha ding ci hi. Tuni dong mahin Russia leh US  in vanlam pan bomb khiat cihtak mah in ah khia ngekngek uh hi.



It's looking funny and it's also a funny show so you do the good show and give the good massage through your show with humorous and it's not easy because you talk about the president and other persons who are related to our government.

03/01/2017 12:32

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03/06/2017 05:00

These days each young lady has a sweetheart since it is new pattern in the our nation. In any case, as I would see it that is terrible act in light of the fact that numerous young ladies and young men include in learn and don't focus on instruction. Subsequently, an extensive number of understudies flop in exams and rot our future.


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