Russian leh U.S. in ISIS te phualpi teng teng bomb khiat kawikawi uh hi. U.S. leh Russia te vanleng ki ki nawk dekdek in ki nailen tuak mahmah cih thu anti-ISIS pawlkhat in Saturday ni in ah gen khia uh hi.

U.S. in vanlam pan May ka a kipan campaign a bawlna hangin ah, tuni ciang ISIS bupi 70 bang ki thatlum khin ta hi cih thu U.S. defending air campaign pan Warren in genkhia hi.

Russia kumpi Putin in Tuesday ni a genna ah ko pen Syria ah ka kihelna uh pen ahang in hih Leitung in bitna omna ding deihna hang pi hi pen hi cih gen khia hi. 

Russian te'n vanlam pan air campaign bawlna pen ISIS te a do taktak hikhol hi cih 50% pen rebel te kap uh hi cih U.S. ten gen hi. A nasep dan uh pen khual neilo in gamsep hi cih zong U.S. Army Col. Steve Warren in gen beh lai hi. Russia te in ISIS te a kap mah hiam cih pen uphuai lo hi cih in U.S. in muangzo lo uh hi.


01/28/2017 01:57

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02/16/2017 02:23

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