Tulaai Leitung Thuthang Tuamtuam Updates November 3, 2015



·      Kawl gaalkaap USDP ten Sum tawh Tawpi tawh zoltheih zolmawh in azol kawmkaal ah Zomi ten Zomi party mah kici tinten ahihman in Tuimang khua ten ZCD te November 5,2015 ni sam uha, Sial Ks/900,000 mankhat leh Vok 2 gawh ding pahtawi ding uhhi. Pu Gin Kam Lian leh ZCD khangno pawlkhat vapaiding uha, Lasiam pawlkhat in zong vazuiding uhhi. TuiMang khuazaang in ZCD Mee pianung cihthu zong agending uh ci hi. Tuimang khuate etteh taak hi.



·      Nepal gam Rasuwa District sung Kathmandu khuapi pan tai 50 na mualtung ah Bus pi khat November 3,2015 ni in kibung a mi 30 sipah in 35 liamna tawh zato lam kipuak hi. Kawlgam dan mah in atungkhum zaang ah atuangtamlua ahihman kileek in kibung hiding in ummawh uhhi.BBC

·      Nungkum December kha sung  Delhi khuapi a Numei buan Uber Taxi hawl Shiv Kumar Yadav  khantawn tung thongngaak ding in thukhen maangte in November 3,2015 ni in thukhentat uhhi. Amah peen A Taxi hawl atuang numei nu anabuan geu ahihi.BBC

·      2016 kum ading US President Candidate ah Republican party pan Donald Trump amadawk den himah leh tu in Siavuan luui Mivom  Ben Carson in makhelh ta a . Trump 23%,Ben 29% hita hi. Democratic lampan bel Hillary Clinton ademzo kuamah omvetlo a tu in 62% hi.  CNN

·      West Bank Hebron khuapi sung a om Palestinian ten asun a zan a ahon uh Al Hurria Radio station Israel gaalkaap ten November 3,2015 ni zan thapaai buluh uha, avankheempeuh laaksak in khakcip sak uhhi. Ahang peen hih Radio ten in Israel te kona neiden a amipi te hansuah ci in ngawh uhhi.CNN

·      Kawlgam sung a Mualtung mi thautawi leh kaap athuah kipawlna te in anihveina Khawmpi WAH gam Pankham khuapi ah November 1-3 bawl uha, lawhcing tak in manthei uhhi. Thusuah abawlna vuah 2015 November 8, kiteelkhit ciang Kawlgam bup kilemna ding tawh kisai akahthak kumpi tetawh nasepkhop ding leh 2015 kiteelna encik ding Kiteelna ahoih theihnading in Gaaldo zong tawm ongkhawlbawl phot un ci uhhi. Nung a NCA kici Kawl gaalkaap te tawh thukimna ala te peen Thau tawi ngei pawl hi  in tutung a te peen Thautawi-kaap te pawl dan hituak zaw hi. VOA

·      November 8,2015 ni kibawlding Kawlgambup kiteelpi na ah USDP te ngianteng a ensimding akiging kingkeng ahi US President luui Jimmy Carter acidam meello sese ahihman in khawlkikding ci in November 3,2015 ni in taangkokhia hi. Ahizong in amahzah mah a amuan ahi atupa Jason paisak veve ding ci hi.VOA

·      Saudi Arabia gam sung a teeng Kawlgam mi 250,000 lakpan miml alang 125,000 Saudi gam sung ah Refugee dinmuntawh kum 4 omtheihna kipia ta ci in November 3,2015 ni in Saudi kumpi thunei ten taangkokhia uhhi. Hihbang thu apian theihnading in Saudi kumpi ten tuma kum 2 pan geelna nei uha, UNHCR Ulian te zong tukum kipatlam in vahawh uhhi. VOA


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Thank you for posting this update. It may not be hard to understand because of language, but I wanted to thank the website translator for translating each and every word to English. By the way, I ma so happy to know that Saudi Arabia has a good relationship with your country. I am hoping it will continue so that both of you will benefit from that!

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