Tulaai Leitung Thuthang Tuamtuam Updates November 4, 2015

·      Nung Saturday  ni a Russia te vanleeng kia mi 224 asihna peen Black Box pan akiatna hang akisit laaitak hia, Bomb hang a kia hiding in lam et omzaw ci in Britain ten November 4,2015 ni in gen uhhi.US ten akician zaw in kapih ding ci uhhi. Amasa lam in bel IS ten kosuk hi cingei uhhi.VOA

·      1949 kumpan amasa peen Se leh Taiwan makaai pi kimuhna ongtungding November 7,2015 niciang Singapore khua/gam ah neiding uhhi. Hih peen Taiwan President kahthak Ma Jing-yeou hanciamna hi a Sen President Xi Jinping tawh kimu ding uhhi.VOA

·      Sen gam leh akiim a gamneu teng kituhtuhna South China Sea lamzuan in US Gaal Tembawpi November 5 ni in Vazin dede ding uha, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter leh Malaysia Defense Chief Hishamuddin  Hussein ten zong vazui in amau geelbel Tembaw pi tung  a laam Vanleeng tung ah tuangding ci uhhi.CNN

·      Pakistan gam Lahore khuapi sung a om Nasepna Company pi khat November 4,2015 ni in kicim a, Nasem vek pi 200 bang lakpan mi 15 sipah in 150 bang Lei in vukcip in kihon khia zonailo ci in Pakistan thunei ten gen uhhi.BBC


Thang Khawm Pauzomi



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