Kikimlo ahih manin buaina piang hi. Kikimlo ahih manin mite lungkimlo hi. Kikimlo ahih manin a ngah ding zah uh ngahlo uh hi. Kikimlo ahih manin mite gilkial uh hi. Kikimlo ahih manin Stephen nangawn in sih lawh hi. Kikimlo ahih manin Pasian nasepna ah bahlawh uh hi. Kikimlo ahih manin mite muanna kiam hi. Kikimlo ahih manin mite lametna kiam hi. 

Kikim hileh bang a ci tam? 

Leitung ah tan kikimlohna hangin buaina tam mahmah hi. Lai Siangtho hun  lai pek in zong ngahzah a kikimloh manin pawlpi sung nangawn ah buaina pianga, Pasian thu um masate nangawn in na thuaklawh uh hi. Leitung pian pan tuni dong tua bang buaina om den lai hih tuak hi. Nek ding ngahzah a kikimloh manin mite a gil uh kial ahih manin a thangpai uh hi. A thangpaih uh ciangin a hehna uh ip zolo in mawhsak ding zong uh a, mawhsakna a om ciangin kitotna pianga, kitotna a pian ciangin kikhenna pianga, kikhenna piang leh vai tam ahih manin nasep ding tam a, vangik kiguan suak ahih manin buaina tawh kizomto hi. Buaina hangin kipawlkhawm kimlai kikhen in semkhawm nawnlo uh ahih manin a thahat zah dingun thahat nawnlo uh hi. Thahatna a nei nawnlo Humpinelkai nangawn ui leh ngiate in a utut un nak in zawhthawhta lel uh hi. A hatte kisimmawh theilo a, a hatlote kisimmawh in kizawhthawh hi. 

Nasep kibang ciatciat khat in pek khat ngah in khat in pek nih ngah leh a thaman uh kikimlo ahih manin a sawtna ciangin kilemlohna hong piang ding hi. I satan a kikimloh ciangin a sem tetek, a thapai tetek, a gim tetek pen kinopmawhna hong piang hamtang hi. A diklo ahih manin a diklohna a pulak ngamlo ahih leh bel a meidawi hi a, thudik a genkhia ngamlo; thudik thuman a gum ngamlo, a dinpih ngamlo mi hi cihna hi. Thudik thuman dinpih ngamlote leitungah kithupi muh ngeilo a, thudik thuman tawh a kalsuan ngamte kizahtak in kisimmawh theilo hi. Zomite in Vaphual itna leh Vaphual cihtakna, thumanna, ciampellohna a dinpih minam i hih manin i dikna hangsan sema i dinpih den ding a kisam ahi hi. Minam leh gam a khantohna dingin thudik thuman dinpih a, kalsuana, phulsuak ding a kisam ahi hi. 

Sangkah ciangin sangsiate in sangnaupang deihsak tuam a neih leh a dangte in theipah hi. A deihsakna ding 'a hang'  om ahih leh bel kihaza theilo a, a hang om keeilo a pum deihsak tuam, satan lianzaw pia den cih pen thudik a theite in zadah pah lian ding uh hi. A zadah peuhmah in dinkhiatpih in siate tungah pulak in gen ngam ding uh hi. Kumpi nasepna ah siamna kibang, zakhanna ding a kibang linlian pen a khatzaw kideihsak in kikhangsak den henla a dang khat pen zakhang ngeilo in dinkhawl den leh kuamah in kipakta hetlo in a zakhang ngeilopa adingin satan kikimlo ahih manin hehna piangsak ding hi. Tuucingpa khat in a tuute lak ah deihsak tuam nei in vil tuam nei leh a dangte sangin thauzaw dinga, a dangte gawng ding hi. Ngaihsutna nei thei mihing khempeuh in 'a kikimlo'  satan a om ciangin lungkimlohna piangsak hi cih tel ding uh hi.

Christian masate in a neih khempeuh uh sungkhawm in nekhawm, dawnkhawm, zeekkhawm in na om uh hi. A neih leh lam uh tawh na kidon uh a, a ki itna uh zong na khangin na kingai mahmah uh hi. A up a muan uh thei in zong thupi hi cih thei uh ahih manin tua bang lungdamna thu mi khempeuh in a theih ding uh deihsak in gen kawikawi, puak kawikawi in ngaat takin sem uh hi. Tua bang a sep uh ciangin a Thu bek tawh kalsuan hitheilo ahih manin mihing hihna tawh nek leh dawn zong na kisam uh hi. Tua nek leh dawn dingte a zeek khop uh ciangin a ne ding mi hong tam a, a nek ding hong tawm ciangin Zomite banga "Hawmsem nungta, nebum si" cih mah bangin a kikimin na kihawm diamdiam uh hi. A ciil in tuaci himah leh a sawtna ciang a hawmte ginatlohna hang maw, a van kicinglo ahih manin a tam ngah deuh, a tawm ngah deuh cih bang hong omta hi. Tua bang hong om ciangin pawlkhat lungkimlo in kinopmawhna hong piang hi. Sawltakte in zong a cihna ding uh theilo uh ahih manin a pil, a siam, Pasian a zahtak penpen Stephen leh a lawmte a hawm ding, a zeek dingin na tel uh hi. 

Leitung nuntakna ah a kikimlo thu khat peuh na phut khak ciangin a pil pen, a siam pen a ngaihsun zo  pen mah in sem leh tangzai pen hi cih theihsa hi. Ahi zongin ki itna, kimaisakna, kilawmtatna leh sepkhawm utna a liat mahmah kei leh kikhenna leh kituambawlna piangin - kei Paul pawl, kei Apollo pawl cih bangin pawl neihna hong om hi. Tua bang ahih ciangin kilomkhat a pumkhat ahih lai zahin thahat zo nawnlo in bah lawh thei hi. Ahi zongin tua bang zeetna a om ciangin pangkhawm in dingkhawm in pumkhat suak den leh gualzo in vaihawm uh a, a deih uh ngah in a deih uh sem thei a, mite tungah kilamto in khangto uh hi. 

Zomite in zong a kikimlo i nuntakna ah a om leh tuate i dal ding ahi hi. Zomite in zong midangte tungah a kikimlo vaihawmna i neih leh piangsakpa deihna ahi itna nei in a kikim in vai i hawm ding ahi hi. Mimal nuntak ah hi in, minam nuntakna ah hitaleh a kikim, a kibang, a kituak satan ciat i ngah ding a ngeina hi a tua ahih kei leh bel thudik thuman a theilo i hiam, thei napi dinpih ngamlo hiam hiding hi. Leitungah thudik thuman mah kippen a, kho pen ahi hi. Topa in thudik thuman a dinpih zo dente hong hisakta hen. 

Zomi Khangnote ading a kong at hi.

Hau Za Cin
Phuitong Liim


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