ZNC/D President Pu Chin Sian Thang ciahta
Itluat omi,

President Pu Chin Sian Thang in Zomi Innkuan USA te sapna tawh
American ah akhual zinna pan  lawhcing le cidam tak in 25 Oct 2012
zingsang nai 10:30 pawlin atenna Zangkong inn ah hong tung kik khin ta
hi.USA ah hong om sungin itna tawh innlum lolum ah zin hongdo sak,
anlim tuilim hong vak sak cihbang akipan nikten puansilh dongin hong
leisak in, itna tawh zin hongdo sak, ZIUSA makaite ahi zongin, USA
Zomi mimal kim tungah lungdamna kong ko uhi. Zogam le Zomi ading,
Kawlgam ah democracy federal belpawl gam taktak i ngah na ding, khut
kilen in, ei omna tek pan mapang khawm suak to ding ihi hi.

Info Team
25 Oct 2012

                      *  Pu Chin Sian Thang La Phuahte*

   1. Lel dih aw Kap lel dih lai zang aw, pian gam lei leh ka Zo damtui aw,
   keizong, keizong lel nuam lai veng ee;
   2. Keizong, keizong leel nuam lai ing, Panlong apat Taungyi ah, UNO dong
   leel to laivang ee.

   1. Tang kahenkol thangta zawm aw, Zolun Alsi thang zawm aw;
   2. Zolun Alsi tu bang asuan thangvan phesak kei hing ee.

   1. Sin thu a pha ngai ing aw e, tong dam a nem a ngai ing ee;
   2. Sin thupha leh I Zogam kuam ka ngaih man a tul hi’ing ee.

*      Mipi in Pu Cin Sian Thang Aki phuah Zola Awkaih.***

( a ) Guallel cinthu,thangtam lai ah  Zogam zuapa sitni Cin Sian, Thang mah
thang zaw e..

( b ) Sitni Cin Sian,Thang mah thangzaw  zang kamkei sa'ng  hang zaw e
hang,  zaw e gial zaw e..

(a) Z N C leh, N L D lung  lai nahual na,pian gamlei ziin bangling e,gual
in gen lua e..

( b ) Ziin bangling e,gual in genlua  gam ading inzong  zatam ten
muang,zawng e muang zawng e...

( a ) Sesumthang leh,langlamlibang cingdinglai ah  cinthupha tem,bang deih
na lian e.

( b ) Kawlciang tawilo,dolaima ciang na suan suan a gam a ding in ban zal
henkol,khai tam zua aw e...

( a ) A kum a sim,sawmnih cing ta zuatawh ma lo  bang pang khawm leng
tungsianmang in,awi ding muang veng e..

( b ) Tungsianmangin,awi ding muang veng lai zom tung mu van lai te tawh
lung lai khau bang,hual khawm lai leng e..

( a ) Ka gam lung tup,tui bang tung aw U.N.O aw Daw Suh Kyi leh Sitni Cin
Sian,Thang aw tuang ve aw.

( b ) Sian aw bat lei,bangphul nuam veng dota ngal khuai hang te bang a,mi
lai sum lu pal a lak na hen luang za tam a tham na hi e.

( a ) Mar gam kuam a,ciin thang ki lel zua tawi Thang Lian Pau aw dam ve aw.

( b ) Zogam lei a,dota sangbang nang na not a tu in tui liim,nga bang siang
pan e.

( a ) Zotavontawi,lungmuan na ding tungmu van lai ka phungpi lun Sian aw
dai phui,gua bang hong hah aw.

( b ) Sian in gua bang,hong hah hen la zua thang leh tun,min lun tawh lung
lai khuam bang,nang hong gel gel aw.

( a ) Gual in va bang,ka pil ci a pil ka hih leh nang bang pil,nang bang
ciim lengh e.
( b ) Nang bang pil,nang bang ciim lengh a hang ka hih leh zong nang mah
bang,kei zong hang lengh  e..




10/04/2016 04:55



Cin Sian Thang served as a leader of the Chin Ethnic Student Union while a student at Rangoon University.he elected in 1990 election as a leader of parliament in Burma's ill-fated.Chin Sian Thang is the chairman of the Zomi Congress for Democracy.



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