ZRO in mi 3 Suspend mi 1 Terminate

Source: Hornbill News Network | 26 June 2012

Zomi Re-Unification Organisation ZRO a Information and Public Relation secretary Kenneth in June 23,2012 a thusuah a bawl kimu in a gendan in ZRO Cabinet Council in naktak a, a suizui nung in gam-le-nam adia sem mi 3, D Kamsuanthang General Secretary, Khamlunthang Director GAD leh Kamkhopau @ Pauboi Deputy Director te'n Organisation sung a coup sawm ziak un June 23,2012 a Cabinet Council resolution number 1 dungzui a, June 23,2012 akipan thuthak om masiah suspend ahihdan uh taklang a, huaiban ah Cabinet council thupukna dungzui in June 23,2012 akipan ni 7 sung a, Cabinet Council a ki-report a, hilhchetna bawl ding inleng theihsakna bawl ngal hi. Huailou in April 17,2012 a Suspend a om K Nengzamuan @ Nicolas leng Nampi paidan kalh a gamtang te lak a tel ziak in Cabinet Council thupukna dungzui a June 23,2012 akipan tawpsak ahihdan taklang hi.

Hih thu pen egroup dang peuhmah ah khaksawn, dawksak loh ding hi by Moderator, ZominamElection (Manipur MLA Election : Feb. 2012) lai in HKL (Hangkhanlian, Ex-Minister) in a meeting na ua, i lawchin kei leh, faction bawl ding, KNO (Kuki National Organisation) nuai aomzek ding, huai zouchiah Pawlpi coup ding chih genkhawm ngei uhi.
Tulai tah in Pawlpi a gen secretary Pu KS (D. Kamsuanthang) Delhi a om laitak ahi. Delhi zin khiatma nitak in, Thangpu, Pauboi, Nico, Jonathan te confidential meeting neih pih ahi....
Dt.19/6/12 in Nicholas Kangkap pai a... huai ni in Leijangphai, Muvanlai, Songtal leh Sinai a naupangte phone tung tawn in hou pi hi .....11.30 Pm vel apan naupang te taikhia uhi. Huai ni in Sumpi, MDC pen (Member of District Council) Tuibuang area ah taikual den a, KNO line bawlsah dan ahi.
Zingsang apan KS te'n Pawlpi sung leh pua a dongkholh a sak teng uh sms tung tawn in vauna bawl uh hi.
Dt.20/6/12 zing in Pu KS in James Doungel, PRO (Public Relation Officer), KNO phone a Brig line bawlsak ding in ngen. PRO pu in Sia Pau thuzak a, hiai bang thu om ahi dan hilh a, Siapau in zong Brig line blocked hi. Sisan naisan aluan sang in chi in Singngat a AR te sawllut... AR te Lungthul a va pai . Huai mun ah Nico team toh kimaitua uhi.Nico team te AR te pen KS leh Thangpu te lawi sawl ding sa ua ana kap lou uh hi.
Tangval taikhia te Lungthul a a kikulh lai un a ration ding uh Thangpu in kai khom a DItata 1 in khak tou...
Gypsy 1 in Nico te Tuima ah va dawn, sepaih ten manvek chih thu a zak chiang in gypsy nei pu stroke in puk a JNIMS (zato) ah ki admit.

Mat a um te kipuan na apan thu kithei dan in:Line bawl dingin Tuibuang pansan a na sem ding..... dongkholh a sak teng uh a hahsiang zoh chiang ua, President ding a Pu KS declared bawl ding, amah Delhi apan vual zou tah a hing pei ding chi dan ahi. A hit-list ua te: Sia Pau, K.Guite, Kiamlou, Suanlian, Louchinkham, Robin, Khualpu Maj. Vishal leh civil organisation lam ah Zomi Council Steering Comiti te, Zomi Council Cabinet khenkhat leh ZEPADA member khenkhat...
Dt.21/6/12 ni in Sia Pau in Cabinet teng samtou a meeting nei pi hi. Meeting resolution bang in, KS, Thangpu, Pauboi te suspend, Nico pen terminated. Suspend na Order news a suah ding Thangpu in dal a, 23/6 in news te vau in Dt 24 Sunday ni Lamk ah bangma suak lou hi.
Dt. 24/6/12 in Pauboi in ALTOS heutu te kiang a Rs 50 lakh ngen a, deadline 26/6 pia.
Dt. 26/6/12 nin MDCs/MLAs, Zomi Council leh civil organisations teng kung ah pawlpi in tam suspend na thu hil chetna bawl. Joint Meeting in Lungthul incident poi sa a, hiai bang omnawnlouh nadia kuapeuh in pan lak ding, Jt Meeting in ZRO Cabinet Council thupukna leh sepsuahna bang2 pompih. 

 Moderators note: Hih thu pen Pu Lalengzauva, Delhi in Zogam.com pana a lak hong puak hi a, laimal san teng pen i tel baihna dinga a kibehlap hi.


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07/17/2012 21:07

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This is the first time for me to hear about the ZRO, hence this is really a news for me. I did a little research on my own, after I stumbled upon your post. It is true that this is a serious issue that needs to be discussed. However, I do not think that this should be left with political people alone. I think the voice of the nation's citizen should be heard as well.

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