To:                                                                                                      October 24, 2013

The Organizing Committee

The Third World Zomi Convention

Lamka, Manipur, India.


Zomi Innkuan USA, on behalf of its (38) local Zomi communities and over 10000 Zomi residing in the United States of America,  would like to extend its felicitations and sincere best wishes on this Third World Zomi Convention in Lamka, Manipur, India. It is our utmost desire to be present in person at the Convention. However, the unexpected death of our leader Dr. Chin Do Kham who obliged and arranged even his travel plans to attend the convention left us a void in our hearts, and we are sorry to say that no one is willing to be tasked with filling in for Dr. Kham. It is, however, a consolation for us to send you this message of felicitations and good wishes.

It is our sincere expectation that the convention would bring more unification among the Zomi who are divided into three countries of India, Bangladesh and Burma since the British colonial period, generating a socio-geographical alienation and contrasting political ideologies among ourselves. We hope that this convention would bring peace and unity by eliminating our division on denominational grounds, regional feelings, clan/racial feelings, and dialects we use which are slightly differently from others as a result of the distance of our hills where we live.

We believe that seminars and workshops on current issues, challenges and opportunities of the Zomi in this convention will have the greatest positive effect on Zomi Youth and bring powerful and positive impacts upon the development of Zomi as a whole.

As the United Nations has its Millennium Development Goals, let us start joining in achieving its goals by working among the Zomi. Zomi Innkuan USA will be glad to take part to achieve our goals at the United Nations in many ways.

With best wishes,

( Go Sawm Khup, Pa)                                                  ( Do Khan Khup, Pa)

          President                                                               General Secretary

Zomi Innkuan USA, Inc.                                                        Zomi Innkuan USA, Inc.

P.S: Please see the attached Letter.


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