Zomi Area ci mai leng

Zomi it teng; Tu hun Lai Leitung gam tuamtuam ah a Vak kawikawi Chin State sung pan kipawlna tuamtuam te in a kimuh pih uh kipawlna tuamtuam te kiangah Chin State North Lam cihna ah ei Tedim ,Tonzang,Cikha ong hel lo in Thanthlang leh Falam ciang bek na gen Zaw mawk uhi.Tu a ki pan en zong Chin state North lam pen Tedim,Tonzang,Cikha teng ( Zomi Area) ci in Falam leh Thanthlang pen (Middile) Chin state ci Zaw mai leng Tua lo teng South lam ci leng hoih Ih sam hiam ong gel dih vevua
Lungdam Kamlian



04/22/2015 06:07

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11/21/2015 14:52

It was very interesting to listen to you.

08/08/2017 02:46

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