Manny Pacquiao might get his chance to knock out Floyd Mayweather, but
apparently religious leaders in the Philippines would rather him go toe-to-toe
with Tim Tebow. "Tim Tebow became very popular by promoting the word of God," Bishop Pablo
Virgilio David, who presides over the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the
Philippines' (CBCP) bible ministry, told Agence France-Presse. "Some have
referred to Manny Pacquiao as the Tim Tebow of the Philippines."

Church leaders asked Pacquiao become a "Bible ambassador" to help promote
reading of the Bible of among Catholics. The boxing superstar regularly credits
God for helping him succeed, and wears a rosary around his neck before and after
his fights, according to the AFP.In mid-January, Pacquiao told a TV station in the Philippines that he decided
to renew his faith and had given up vices such as gambling and womanizing following an "encounter with God" during a
AFP reports that during the dream, Pacquiao found himself deep inside a
forest, where a voice from a shining bright light asked Pacquiao why he was
going away from Him.

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